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Products Efficacy

Air becomes fresh as producing many anions.

Anion makes interior be fresh by precipitating and removing cation containing various harmful substances.
Therefore, those who has bad bronchial condition may feel cool and good at their nose and throat.
Terra alba absorbs all of bad smell from food and tobacco. So any fragrance is not needed.

Comprehension of anion

Anion from terra alba provides fresh and good feeling like waterfall or pine grove.That is because of electronic anion.
Generally, there are many cations in contaminated air while there are many anions in clear natural air.
Breathing anion accelerates metabolism of cells, promotes vitality,
cleans blood and effects on nerve stability, fatigue recovery and improvement of appetite. So anion is called vitamin of air.

  • resistance increasing function
  • Sleep-inducing effect
  • Prevention of electromagnetic waves
  • Blood cleaning function
  • Pain relief
  • Remove dust
  • Water purification
  • Cell activity


Terra alba for beauty

Terra alba is used to apply on skin for beauty as well as for interior.
Skin tone become blight when applying face powder of terra alba. And, treating on face and body helps to recover fatigue and to emit toxin.

Light your body by radiation of far infrared

Terra alba help to extend capillary, artery and vein, systemic circulation, stress solution, deep sleep as activating cellular functions by radiation of far infrared.
Diseases may be occurred from stacked toxin when circulation does not act well, body become lighter after sleeping because purification is proceeding during sleep.

House become clean because there is no static.

Any electrostatic does not occurred due to effect of anion so that fine dust cannot adhered to curtain, furnitures or clothes and it makes us clean house easily.
Also it makes echo or intense of light for us be comfortable.

To clear and feel cool your head due to producing oxygen

It is easy to get headache when lack of ventilation. Terra alba changes ozone which is harmful for human body to anion oxygen(O2) which is beneficial for human body, and solves oxygen deficiency indoor.
Alpha wave, an energy of brain, is released when human body is comfortable, it effectively expresses memory, concentration, thinking, understanding and judgment.