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Products Efficacy


Structure and function of trass

  • Trass is a porous natural mineral having a large number of fine pores. Fine pores of fiber length type function as adsorption, decomposition, sound-absorption and resisting of harmful substances, moisture or bad smell.



Structure and effect of terra alba

Terra alba is mysterious soil used from ancient times by imperial family and aristocrats only in Old Europe, China and Korea.
In molecular structure, terra alba has mysteries of the effects.
Particles of terra alba are composed with many layers like as a book, so porous property can be confirmed at a glance. It is widely used for beauty due to its more excellent effect than red clay since these pores have adsorptive power for wastes in skin.

Terra alba has non reactivity and high oil-adsorbability, and it mostly used for manufacturing chemical paint or paper. In addition, terra alba of high purity may be used as a raw material for cosmetic or medicine.

Terra alba release a lot of far infrared and anion as a vitamin in air.
Karatase, active yeast, existing in terra alba vivifies and makes active oxygen and lipoperoxide decompose, a beneficial bioactive substance for human body.

Particle of terra alba is fine and contains many oxygens.
So, it has strong purification effect, deodorization effect and defatting effect. It leads to adsorb and deodorize organic compound such as formaldehyde, a cause of Sick house syndrome, as well as smell of food or tobacco.

In addition, it automatically controls interior humidity as absorbing or releasing humidity when wet or dry.
It is antibiotic so it can contain inhabitation of various harmful fungi. It is a beneficial mineral for human body which has effect on antiaging, promoting blood circulation, beauty and chronic fatigue.

Relief and cure of atopy/Remove formaldehyde and various smell/Antibiotic function/Antifungal function/Clean air as producing anion/Release a lot of far infrared/Control humidity/It is fire retardant so it may give enough time to evacuate when fire.

  • Relief and cure of atopy
  • Remove formaldehyde and various smell
  • Antibiotic function
  • Antifungal function
  • Clean air as producing anion
  • Release a lot of far infrared
  • Control humidity
  • It is fire retardant so it may give enough time to evacuate when fire.

Advantages of breathing trass and terra alba wallpaper

Breathing trass, terra alba wallpaper

Wallpaper manufactured of trass and terra alba is flame retarding, so it has effectiveness of fire prevention and it can protect life and property because it does not emit a poisonous gas.

Characteristic of trass and terra alba wall paper of environment-friendly
  • Prevention of atopy
  • Prevention of Sick house syndrome as adsorbing and decomposing harmful substances
  • Antibiotic and antifungal function
  • Flameproof
  • Control humidity by absorbing and releasing humidity

Trass, terra alba wallpaper

Packing unit of trass, terra alba wallpaper - 93Cm X 17.75m(5 py/1 roll)

Maleficence of silk wallpaper

  • Silk wallpaper is manufactured as adding plasticizer into PVC(Polyvinyl chloride).
  • It is shocked that plasticizer of phthalate group is a harmful substance for human body.
  • Carcinesis
  • Reduced reproductive
  • Skin diseases(induced atopy)
  • Decreased asthma, liver and renal function


It has been prohibited to use phthalate group plasticizer in developed countries since 1999, and it has been limited to use it by 0.1% in Korea. When manufacturing silk wallpaper with phthalate group plasticizer, it is sentenced to less than 3 years' imprisonment or a fine of 30 million won. It means that any phthalate group plasticizer is prohibited to use, actually.


Table for comparison of trass and terra alba wallpaper with silk wallpaper

Product name Trass and terra alba wallpaper Silk wallpaper(PVC wallpaper)
Manufacture Coating trass and terra alba on paper Coating PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) on paper
Advantages Prevention of atopyㆍasthma
Create a comfortable indoor as controlling humidity
Adsorbing and decomposing harmful substance such as formaldehyde and ammonia
Be difficult to wash with water when contaminated, activeness patterns
Disadvantages Be difficult to wash with water when contaminated Occurrence of carcinogen as using phthalate plasticizer
Reduced reproductive, occurred atopy and asthma
Reduced liver and kidney function