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Products Efficacy

It reduces formaldehyde and various smell.

It has a property to reduce formaldehyde(HCHO) which is one of the biggest causes of Sick house syndrome by 81.2% for 2 hours.

Test result
Test items Test result Test method
Blank concentration
Sample concentration
Deodorization rate(%)
Deodorization test of formaldehyde
0 minutes 50 50 0.0 Suggested method by client
30 minutes 49 14 71.4
60 minutes 49 10 79.6
90 minutes 49 10 79.6
120 minutes 48 9 81.2

The radiometric quantity of far infrared ray is excellent. (92.1%)

The sun's rays are divided into ultraviolet ray, visible ray and infrared ray.Ultraviolet ray functions chemically such as sterilization, and visible ray is light which is recognized, mainly called sun light. Infrared ray is related with bioaction having about 0.78μm~1000μm of wavelength and it is divided into near-infrared ray which is near visible ray and far-infrared ray which has longer wavelength. There are many classifying ways by theory, but generally, it is classified into near-infrared of 0.78μm~3μm, mid-infrared of 3μm~6μm, far-infrared of 6μm~15μm and extreme infrared of 15μm~1000μm.

The effects of radiation of far infrared are as the followings.

  • It may improve vitality as promoting cellular movement in human body with activation of molecular movement of water.
  • It may facilitate metabolism as triggering molecular movement of substances by resonance absorption action.
  • It may accelerate blood circulation as strengthening capillary movement by thermal effect.
Test result
Test items Unit Test method Test result
Emissivity of far-infrared ray
(Temperature : 40℃, Wavelength : 5μm~20μm)
- (1) 0.921
Radiation energy of far-infrared ray
(Temperature : 40℃, Wavelength : 5μm~20μm)
W/㎡ (1) 3.71x102

This test result is a measured data from FT-IR Spectrometer compared with Black Body.

It has excellent antibiotic effect.

It presented 99.9% reduction of bacteria after 24 hours as showing the follow table.
Test items Test result  
Initial concentration
Concentration after 2 hours
Reduction rate of bacteria
Test method
Antibiotic test against E.coli BLANK 1.7 x 10 4 5.4 x 10 4 - KCL-FIR-1002 : 2011
ARA 1.7 x 10 4 < 10 99.9
Antibiotic test against Pseudomonas aeruginosa BLANK 2.2 x 10 4 5.8 x 10 4 -
ARA 2.2 x 10 4 <10 99.9
  • CFU : Colony Forming Unit
  • Concentration of bacteria of starter culture(CFU/mL) : E.coli : 1.7 X 106, Pseudomonas aeruginosa : 2.2 X 106
  • Use strain : Escherichia coli ATCC 25922

    Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 15442

It has excellent antimycotic effect.

ARA has strong antimycotic effect and can remove the smell of mildew although without removing mildew on wallpaper or paint.
Test items Test result Test method
Period of cultivation
after 1 week after 2 week after 3 week after 4 week
Antimycotic test 0 0 0 0 ASTM G 21 : 2009
Mildew strain(Mixed strain)
  • Aspergillus niger ATCC 9642
  • Penicillium pinophilum ATCC 11797
  • Chaetomium globosum ATCC 6205
  • Gliocladium virens ATCC 9645
  • Aureobasidium pullulans ATCC 15233
readout of the result
  • 0 : Any growth of hypha was not detected at inoculated area of the specimen.
  • 1 : Area of hypha growth detected at inoculated area is less than 10% of whole area.
  • 2 : Area of hypha growth detected at inoculated area is less than 10%~30% of whole area.
  • 3 : Area of hypha growth detected at inoculated area is less than 30%~60% of whole area.
  • 4 : Area of hypha growth detected at inoculated area is more than 60% of whole area.

It makes air be fresh as producing anion.

Anion makes interior be fresh by precipitating and removing cation containing various harmful substances. And any electrostatic does not occurred due to effect of anion so that fine dust cannot adhered to curtain, furnitures or clothes and it makes us clean house easily. Also it makes echo or intense of light for us be comfortable.
Test items Unit Test method Test result
Anion : Blank 개/㎤ (1) 75
Anion : Sample 개/㎤ (1) 92

※ Test condition
※ Condition : Temperature(21 ± 3)℃, Relative humidity(55 ± 15)%
※ Equipment : Particle(less than 0.002㎛), Flow rate (60L/min)), Minimum resolution(5/㎤)

Incombustible agent

Materials are unburned ceramic.
Test items Unit Test result Criteria Test method
1 2 3
Incombustibility test Reduce rate of mass % 0.1 0.1 0.1 Less than 30 KS F ISO 1182:2004
Difference between the highest temperature and final mean temperature 1.6 1.9 1.6 Not more than 20
Gas harmfulness test Stop period of behavior min:s 13:43 14:53 - 9:00 dltkd KS F 2271:2006

※Notification by Ministry of Lan, Transport and Maritime Affairs 「Standard of Clean & Healthy Houses」 Pass

Specimen and test condition
Item Incombustibility test Gas harmfulness test
Specimen size(㎜) Diameter 45, height 50
(Test laminating samples)
220 × 220 × 5
Density(㎏/㎥) 7558
Composition of test item
(suggested by client)
Spread 1㎜ + iron plate 5㎜
Heated area - identical front and back side
Submitted specimen Photo Insert
Test time 20minutes 15minutes
Mouse - ICR, female

Relieve atopic symptoms

It blocks hexavalent chromium which is one of induction substances of atopy in cement so act as a relaxant of atopy symptoms.

Humidity control

Humidity control capacity of soil has functionality 3 times of general cement, and it may absorb moisture when house is wet and release moisture when house is dry.

Construction is easy for everyone to use directly.

Put 55~60% water compared with weight of material into ARA powder container, stir it and apply it using roller, brush or airless gun. There is no smell so it can live on the construction day.

Place where is available for ARA

  • Available to apply on wallpaper without withdrawal existing wallpaper
  • Available to apply on that without withdrawal existing water paint
  • Available to apply anywhere human live such as on plywood, cement wall, children's room, elder's room, office, any work place where you may feel heavy fatigue, living room, karaoke, office of nursery or classroom, particularly the place where has strong smell of mildew such as basement.